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The world of AI is fun, but its a lot of intangible hyperbole too.  It ranges from the “frightening” of AI taking over the world to the utterly amazing AI of autonomous cars.  I thought it could be useful to provide insight into what you can do today with AI.  Here are a few of the use cases you can find today when you look for tools that feature AI.Have AI take notes in your meetings. Have AI book your travel for you. Have an AI book your meetings and calendar invitations. Have an AI correct all your typos and incorrect grammar. Have an AI give you directions to avoid traffic. Have an AI answer your sales emails and respond. Have you scanned your check using a bank web app and had it read the check amounts and fill it in?  That was AI.  Have you spoken to the smart home devices in your house from Apple, Amazon and more?  Those are AI.  AI is a tool that we can use to improve the efficiency of our day.  AI is not here to replace you, unless you are looking at autonomous cars, in which case you will definitely be replaced.  I am all for that one!AI is quickly working its way into every aspect of our day.  What are some of your favorite AI tools?  Ping us and let us know!

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