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Have you ever uttered the following sentence?

“There’s simply not enough time in the day to get done what needs to get done”

I know you have.  We all have.  It’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue through the course of each week, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and the light stems from an unexpected place.  It comes from A.I. or artificial intelligence.A.I. is not the stuff of movies – at least not yet.  It’s not Joaquin Phoenix falling in love with HER.  It’s not Skynet or HAL deciding that human beings are the source of all that is wrong in the world.  A.I. is a tool that enables you to automate basic functions and replace a portion of your day with more impactful, more interesting pursuits.In Iron Man, Tony Stark put on a suit that saves his life and turns him into a superhero.  At work, you have the same opportunity.  A.I. is sprouting up all around you and providing you with tools that enable you to be better at your job, more accurate, and more efficient.  There is A.I. that will fix all your grammatical missteps (see Grammarly).  There’s A.I. that will schedule your meetings. (see X.ai).  There is A.I. that will take notes for you and organize follow up for your team (that’s us).  This fits nicely alongside the A.I. that will reroute you around traffic when you drive from meeting to meeting (see Waze) or the A.I. that helps you when you type in a simple search result (see Google).  There’s A.I. all around you if you just know where to look.

Your Company Has a Tech Stack, and Now So Do You

The last 10 years have been dominated by marketers building out their own tech stacks.  They started with DSP’s, expanding to DMP’s and now they are playing with CMP’s and Experience Clouds.  Marketers love good tech, but these platforms are expensive, require a lot of management and have to be built for massive scale so they take time to iron out the kinks and get them right.  You could say similar things about building out your own personal tech stack, but you should know this technology is advancing at a super-fast rate and it’s having an immediate impact on your colleagues and competitors.Your personal tech stack started to build many years ago, and then it slowed down.  When you first made the selection of a Mac or a PC, you started building a stack.  Then you chose iOS or Android.  Subsequently, you picked up a notes tool like Evernote or ToDoIst.  Then you probably went with iDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.  Maybe you selected Hipchat or Yammer, but it’s likely you’ve migrated to Slack.  Salesforce or Zoho might be in the mix at a personal or SMB level, and you got excited when a few of these tools started speaking to one another to enable better collaboration and the sharing of materials.  Access to information across devices was another huge step, allowing to review documents on your phone, your iPad and your computer.  Many of these tools are starting to explore A.I. and they’re working with some of the previously mentioned companies as well, further enabling you to develop your own personal tech stack that augments your abilities as a knowledge-based worker.  The tech you choose empowers you to be more successful, more efficient and more focused at work.  In most cases, all of these tools are enterprise-approved and allowed at work so you can collaborate on a grander scale, but in some cases, people use them regardless because they know they have to be more efficient.

It’s Your Responsibility To Build & Curate You’re A.I. Exoskeleton

Your company wants to maximize your output, and your stress is your own.  It’s on you to come up with the ways you can become more efficient.  You read business books and you take ongoing education.  You network with the best people, and you should also curate your own tech stack.  This is your responsibility.  This is your best option if you want to continue to thrive in a workforce that is quickly becoming more dependent on technology.When are you going to start working on your own A.I. exoskeleton?

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