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When building a startup, there are many obvious things you know you need to do. Hire great people. Focus on a big space and own it. Get input from customers. Build cutting-edge technology that scales. The list goes on and on.What my team didn’t expect was how much time we would spend thinking about, building, and wiring together Voicera’s world-class data backend.Eva, Voicera’s enterprise voice AI, interacts with our customers on the phone, SMS, our web app, calendar, and email, as well as through third-party integrations like Slack, Salesforce, Google G-Suite, and Office 365. We focused on integrating Eva wherever a professional spends time. In building a startup with a product that has this kind of 360° surround, we found we also had to develop and integrate a shadow infrastructure to give us visibility into our customer lifecycle, product utilization, and trends. This technology had nothing to do with our core product. But what we ended up with allows us to analyze every touch we have with customers and serve them faster and in a more personalized manner.Read the rest of the article here.

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