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Voicea is pleased to announce the launch of Eva @ Events!

“Eva gave our session focus and a chance for us to follow up with attendees”

Eva is the leading virtual assistant for meetings, and now we are broadening the definition of the word “meetings” to include an entire category of large group meetings like conferences and seminars.  Eva can easily be plugged into the soundboard for your event and can listen in, record the sessions and take notes.  After the event, your attendees are given the chance to join the sessions as “collaborators” and relisten to the sessions that were of the most interest, review notes and peruse a transcript of the session as well.  Not only that, but your event can send every attendee a post-session recap with notes, customized to your look and feel.Eva is radically improving what attendees can take away from your event.Eva has already been tested in a number of conference settings and the results have been amazing and the response has been overwhelmingly positive with some conference organizers saying they are going to be integrating Eva into all of their sessions.

With Eva @ Events you can:

  • KEY MOMENTS: Moderators, participants, organizers, & attendees mark key moments in the conversation.
  • SUMMARY: Provide attendees with a post-session recap that highlights the key moments.
  • ACCESS: Provide attendees access to the session for later.
  • VIRALITY: Enable better post-event virality of your best sessions with sharing functionality.
Eva @ Events not only makes the session itself more focused by having everyone be more present, but it creates a stronger viral loop for after the event as your sessions can be shared with other collaborators, further increasing your reach and impact.If you are interested in learning more about how your event can feature Eva @ Events, please contact [email protected] and ask for more information.  We would be more than happy to share how we can activate your events!Click the link below to download a PDF about how you can leverage Eva @ Events.VCRA Eva for EventsHi, it's Eva

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