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They say elephants never forget. Well, if they had to attend business meetings, they’d soon learn.One of the more common frustrations expressed about meetings is the sheer amount of time spent in them. Jumping from one session to another, then getting loads of information dumped in attendees’ laps can drain their motivation, energy, and ability to retain salient discussion points, aka “meeting memory.”Meetings center on the distribution of information. If action items, follow-ups, and other post-meeting to-do items pile up to the point where meeting memory declines, it can deal a noticeable blow to employee morale and a company’s overall bottom line.That’s why a technological resource is needed, one that records conversations, compiles agendas, and handles any minutiae that affect meeting memory. Voicera’s in-meeting AI assistant, Eva, is just that resource.Bridging Those Memory GapsMeeting memory is usually a victim of poor organization. If a meeting is inadequately planned beforehand, attendees spend the bulk of it scribbling notes to keep up, meaning they’re less engaged with the subject matter and more prone to forget post-meeting objectives.As those responsibilities fall through the cracks, customer satisfaction and revenue can fall, too. Eva is the boost meeting memory needs because it can plan the kind of organized, focused meeting that allows attendees to be fully engaged throughout and retain information afterward. Here’s how it can help:
  • It builds a pre-meeting agenda. Most meetings get cobbled together at the last minute or are conducted on the fly. That means it often takes the whole conversation before participants figure out what they’re trying to accomplish, and by the end of the meeting, all you’ve created is a to-do list for the next meeting.
Inviting Eva to your next call or session can cut down on some of that informality with a focused, point-by-point agenda. On the invitation, add Eva, any relevant reading materials, and an agenda for all attendees to follow. You can always freestyle if something comes up, but with a solid agenda in place, you’ll cut out those unnecessary minutes and keep your meeting memory from becoming muddled.
  • It keeps live meeting minutes. Eva will listen to the meeting, take helpful notes, and record the conversation for later, creating a searchable record. Once it’s invited, it’ll dial in automatically and start listening. You can then use the LiveTap™ or Voice Command features to interact with it throughout so you can call out action items and assign tasks as you go.
Having AI in the room increases meeting memory by providing a clear record to which teams can refer later. It should remove confusion and make follow-up significantly easier. Participants can go away from the meeting and activate their to-do lists without needing confirmation from colleagues or having different recollections of who should do what.
  • It cuts down on the post-meeting meeting. One of the main reasons people tire of meetings is that they’re never over. Everybody traipses back to the main office for a debrief or splits off into departmental groups for a post-meeting chat. Debriefing can be helpful, but when it turns into yet another meeting, people will soon start disconnecting.
If you’ve invited Eva to the meeting, it’ll give you meeting notes. You can then edit and share them, highlighting key moments and adding follow-up questions. Share via Slack or email, and everyone can get straight back to work or act on ideas dreamt up in the meeting without having to wade through the unnecessary post-meeting chat. This also means you can share the debrief with team members who couldn’t attend in person or with external people like shareholders and collaborators.A great meeting can be a magical thing that sparks ideas, solves problems, and energizes spirits. But they mean nothing if attendees can’t fully engage or even remember any discussion points. Let Eva help you build the kind of meeting memory that would even make your friendly neighborhood elephant stand up and take notice.

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