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Hundreds of thousands of knowledge workers are now using Voicea to make their meetings more productive and decrease follow-up time. Over the last year, Voicea’s AI digital assistant has joined over 1 million meetings at leading companies across the United States and around the world. 

Why do executives, consultants, PM’s, Sales teams and Small Business Owners love Voicea? We found out:

1. Faster and More Accurate Meeting Follow-up

The results are in, Voicea users that have more than 10 hours of meetings a week are reporting saving up to 3-6hrs each week.  This time savings is achieved by having a set of highlights, with tasks, action items, and decisions identified, ready to review and distribute after each meeting.

2. Engagement During Meetings Skyrocketed

Multitasking during meetings immediately reduces your IQ by around 15 points.  When you have a digital assistant in the meeting recording, transcribing and creating a summary, then you can fully focus on the people and conversations. The discussions are richer and the decisions are clearer.

3. Effortless Sharing with Your Work Apps

With 20 SaaS and productivity apps like Jira, Trello, Asana, and Zapier already integrated, sharing things like tasks and notes across teams and times zones are effortless.

4. Know Exactly What Needs to Happen Next 

What takes a meeting from good to great? Clarity on next steps.  Voicea transforms “talk” into “to do’s.” When everyone leaves a meeting knowing exactly what decisions were made and what tasks need to get done by whom, only then was the meeting truly valuable.

5. Meetings Become a Tangible Asset

Whether you’re catching up on a meeting you didn’t attend or searching for a specific fact or figure having a searchable audio and text record of meeting along with highlights makes something that was once temporary and intangible into an asset.

6. Skip More Meetings

No joke, you don’t have to go to every meeting, in fact using the time you save from not attending non-critical meetings to power through tasks and projects actually makes you wildly more productive. It only takes 5 minutes to review a summary from a 1hr meeting, you do the math. 

7. Teach Your Team to Fish

Executives repeatedly report back that the most impactful benefit of using Voicea’s digital assistant in their meetings is when they share the meeting summaries from Voicea’s platform or any of the integrated apps, people take notice and emulate this meeting best practice. What starts as a personal productivity tool becomes the way meetings are done at companies.

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As Featured In: The Wall Street Journal, Gartner, Forbes, VentureBeat & TechCrunch