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According to Gartner, 25% of all digital workers will have their own virtual assistant at work by 2021. This is a big deal because the proliferation of these kinds of tools means increased levels of productivity for employees.

Voicea provides one of the most useful tools with EVA – our enterprise voice assistant. EVA is there to help you activate your meeting and turn what is talked about into actions. EVA takes voice commands and captures the key takeaways and important highlights from your meeting. In the meeting, there are 4 primary ways to activate EVA.

Voice Commands

EVA listens for specific voice commands that direct it to take action. There are lots of things EVA can, and below is a snapshot of just a few of the most recent ones. For details on all the voice commands you can check out the Voice Command Center.


Triggers are pre-determined key words that you designate where EVA listens and marks as important. Triggers are suggested when you first signed up and are typically indicative of action items, follow-ups, decisions and more. You are also prompted to pick triggers that are closely related to your line of business. You can control the trigger words at any time by clicking “Triggers” in the Voicea dashboard and adding them.

Quick tip: Triggers are customizable to your way of speaking and should include words or phrases that you typically use in conversation. For example, I personally have the trigger “we should” because that is a phrase I commonly use when determining an action that we need to take.

Live Tap

Live Tap is a way of silently marking what is being said as important. It’s a way of capturing something that is currently being discussed so you know what it was and where in the conversation it happened. Live Tap allows you to easily find that section of the conversation and you can go back and listen to it for context.

Live Tap is available in both the web version and in the mobile app as well.


Voicea is not a replacement for taking notes, but it does make it infinitely easier to focus on the conversation and feel good that not only will you have what you need, but your team will have what they need to get things done well. Voicea creates accuracy and confidence for your team.

In the platform, you can type in notes that will be time-stamped so you know where in the conversation they were relevant. Comments can be personal or shared with the attendees by toggling the drop down menu. See the screenshot above for where comments show up in your UI.

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