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From time to time we like to share what our customers think of using Eva.  Here are just a couple of stories we heard from people using Eva daily in their meetings…

“I never miss a detail”

“I sit in meetings all day – at least 5 a day between external meetings with customers and internal meetings with our product team.  I used to try and balance taking notes and engaging with the other people on the call but I was always missing something.  Its hard to be engaged and writing down accurate notes.  Plus my handwriting stinks when I’m rushed and it takes me too long to decipher what I wrote.  Eva allows me to simply push a button and transcribe the key moments, making it easier to pay attention.  I find I add more value to my meetings and my follow up is easier and more organized.  I bring Eva to every meeting now.  Eva makes me look good!” 

“My customer is technical and its hard to translate their needs into my team”

“I was with this client the other day and she was asking a ton of super technical questions.  I didn’t have the depth of product knowledge to answer her questions, and to be honest I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to ask the right questions when I did get back to the office!  The awesome thing is I didn’t have to worry about it because I had Eva.  Eva was on the call and recording the conversation.  All I had to do was go to the dashboard, search for the technical section based on a key term they throughout, then I marked that section and shared it with our head of product.  Eva was a life saver – we got them what they wanted and nobody had to go back to the client to ask the same questions again.  My product team was impressed and the client was stoked.” 

“I thought I missed a key point, but Eva had my back”

“We were in this meeting and the conversation led us down a bit of a rat hole, but there was this one key point around delivery logistics that I had trouble capturing and understanding.  I was able to go back to the meeting recording and listen to it a couple more times.  In doing so I got a much better grasp of what was being discussed and I turned it around quickly.  Without Eva, I would have been stuck asking the same question over and over.  I hate being that guy, and Eva saved my butt.” 

“Too many meetings and too much customer feedback – I was getting confused”

“I had a dozen meetings this week with customers who gave me feedback on our new features, and I had so much great feedback but I was confusing who said what and when.  My notes were a bit of a mess, so I went back to the dashboard and simply searched for ‘feedback’ in all of them.  I was able to pull out the relevant moments, transcribe them and shoot the recaps into our Slack channel.  Then the product team, and I was able to debrief on them.  Our recap enabled us to prioritize what to work on next and our customers were happy to see their feedback getting incorporated into the product.  Everybody wins and Eva was what made it happen.”

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