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This is some of the most recent feedback about how our customers are using Eva in their meetings! “I don’t have to fight for resources when my clients can fight for me”“I kept going back to my boss and saying we need more resources against these three areas of the business, but I was constantly getting push back.  My word didn’t carry enough weight, so I went back to 5 customer meetings over the last month and pulled their feedback directly.  I packaged it up and shared it in a deck.  Their words carry way more weight with my boss and now I have the resources.  My customer’s voice was louder and more impactful than mine, but Eva helped me get it all in one place.” “Debrief is for me – it’s my feedback and nobody else’s”“I love the debrief feature and I use it every day.  While I am walking from one meeting to the next, Eva gives me a call and verbally send my notes to Voicera.  At the end of the day I know which meetings required follow up and which ones are in great shape.  I can prioritize what I have going on the next day – it’s awesome.  Eva is like my own assistant that follows me around all day and reports only to me.  I just wish I could order lunch too!” “My company loves feedback, so we simply share the direct feedback of our customers”Our all hands meetings are great each month, and each time we like to hear quotes from our customers.  Rather than throwing lame slides from powerpoint on a screen, we actually play snippets of our customer’s conversations where they tell us what they love or what they wish we could do better.  We always end with the positive ones, but it’s great to get both sides of the feedback.  It really helps us improve and everyone feels like they’re part of the team.”

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