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Do you know the 3 primary ways to use Eva in a meeting?

There are 3 easy ways to leverage Eva in a meeting.
  1. For conference calls with more than 2 people, and where you have a 3rd party conference line set up, simply add [email protected] to the meeting invite and Eva will dial in, announce and start taking notes using voice commands or LiveTap.
  2. For 1-to-1 conference calls where you are calling someone directly, just direct dial Eva as either the first call or as a second line added to the call.  This is really easy on an iPhone or Android line.
  3. For 1-to-1 meetings in person, just direct dial Eva from your phone and put the phone down between you.  In this way, it’s just like having your assistant sitting in the room taking notes.
Options 2 and 3 are great for when you have an impromptu meeting or a call that you didn’t put in your calendar.  It’s like having an assistant on call.  In fact, it IS an assistant on call dedicated to being there for you.  You can also direct dial Eva when you’re in the car and have Eva take notes and email them to you after the call.  It’s a great way of recapping your own personal action items and having something to review later!Let us know how you like to work with Eva!  Email us your best ideas!Thanks!The Voicea Team

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