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“Eva Is My Brand New BFF!” – anonymous salesperson

Salespeople get excited about Eva, from Voicera!  Eva is their new favorite tool, and for more than the most obvious of reasons.  I spoke with a bunch of the most amazing salespeople this week and in doing so I accumulated the 10 best reasons for a salesperson to use Eva!Read on… and if any of these resonate with you, sign up for your free account at www.voicea.com:

10. You’ll never have to take notes in a meeting again.

  • Eva can do all the note taking for you.

9. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting details.

  • You can search for a word in the meeting recording and mark that moment.

8. You’ll never miss an important idea in a meeting.

  • While Eva is taking the notes, you can focus on engaging with your customers.

7. Did I mention you’ll never miss an important idea??

  • The X-Ray feature is where the AI hypothesizes what might be important to you, even if you did miss it.

6. You can create personalized debriefing notes just for you.

  • After a meeting, Eva can be set to text you and ask if you want to do a quick debrief.  When you say yes, Eva calls and allows you to give a private summary – you know… the stuff you can’t say in front of the customer.  That is available only to you.

5. You’ll never say to yourself, “I wish so-and-so was in the meeting”.

  • With the “add collaborators” function you can add people to the meeting recap even if they weren’t there.  Think of this as bringing the meeting to your team rather than bringing the team to your meeting (besides – we know everyone’s schedules are super busy).

4. You’ll never have to go into Salesforce and update the records.

  • Salesforce can be set to auto-update and Eva will identify the Salesforce record associated with the emails of the people on the call.  Easy peasy.

3. You’ll never have to explain why Salesforce isn’t updated.

  • Did you read the note above this one?  Its auto-updating, silly!

2. The end of your day won’t be stuck crafting follow-up emails.

  • You can quickly edit the meeting recap and highlights in Voicea, then share with the attendees.

1. You’ll never argue why you need resources from product again.

  • Why argue when you can just forward the customer’s ask, straight from the customer’s mouth?
 All of this adds up to never have to lose at the “telephone game” again.  With Eva, you accurately capture the customer’s voice and you never have to worry about getting the message relayed incorrectly.We also just released some great new features that focus on using Eva without voice commands in your meeting.  These were developed directly from salespeople, like you!    Now’s the time – check out Eva and let’s get you thinking about better meetings!  Sign up now at Voicera!– Cory 

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